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Hi, please email me at if you have any questions or need to contact me, as I don't check DA very much anymore and you'll get a much faster response via email.

'Ello DeviantArtists.

Been a while since I've submitted anything, these days I don't get time to 'play' and the design work I do isn't public yet. But as an update to anybody who cares enough to read it:

The "SinR" paintball gun that was submitted in my gallery is a real, working, gun. It's in production now and the first shipment hits the shelves in the US in a few weeks. Europe and the rest of the world will follow shortly after. They retail for us$1150 which may sound expensive but in comparison to the guns it's competing against it's very well priced. I've also done other gun designs for the same company which will see production shortly.

The "Hawk" concept vehicle which first appeared here at DeviantArt has spread like wildfire around the internet. If you google "Hodge Hawk" you'll get 306,000 pages that mention my design. The best website that I've found so far to feature the design is TopGear:… Heres hoping we see Clarkson talking about the Hawk in a future episode eh? ;)

In the last 4 days my portfolio site has had 140,000 hits because of all these blogs mentioning the Hawk, and I've been bombarded with emails from people wanting design work, wanting to buy a hawk, wanting interviews, etc. So hopefully it's just a matter of time before somebody in the industry sees the hawk and wants to make it real. Honda, are you listening? :P

Sorry I havn't been around these parts more often. Hope ya'll are doing well and creating masterpieces etc etc.

Reason for my inactivity lately on DevArt is to do with the SinR paintball gun design deviation I submitted, it was seen and wanted by two paintball manufacturers, and I can happily say the SinR will be mass produced. I can't give out details on who is making it, or specs etc, but it's going to be a big hit in the paintball industry.

It's really odd and hard to grasp, as it seems like a dream, but is very real.

I've been spending pretty much all my spare time lately converting the model from Cinema4D to SolidWorks, as there turned out to be too many complications trying to get the .c4d file into a format that could be 5-axis milled. So that involved learning to surface model in solidworks, which was easier than expected, but the SinR shape proved to be alittle difficult to create.

As soon as I'm allowed to release photos of the real, finished paintball gun, I'll submit them as a deviation for ya'll to see.

Never underestimate free internet publicity, it can go a long way.
I've just come off a fairly large freelance project, and have spare time once again. If anybody has any visualisation work they need done, contact me at:

please provide as much information about the project as you can in order for me to accurately price it.

Because I live in New Zealand, the exchange rate works slightly in my favour and I can afford to work for a relatively low US$ rate.

Cheers :)
Been ages since I wrote a journal thing. Thought I'd update ya'll on what I'm up to, incase anyone cares :)

I got a job, working as a product designer for escea ( designing gas fireplaces. It's all good fun so far, and I'm the only graduate from my class of 14 to get a job in the design field, so I count myself pretty lucky. So yea, that's keeping me pretty busy lately.

My Hawk concept bike got featured on,,,, and a few others I've forgotten. A few magazines have gotten in touch with me about printing articles, we'll see how that turns out.

Updated my website, - by re-doing the entire thing.

I've just sold my fast and the furious RX7 model to a brazilian animation company, who will be using it in a commercial. I'll get a copy of the commercial when it's done and post a link/still image here for ya'll.

I think that's all for now..


Do your part to save the world. :boogie:


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Where would parking tickets go...

Thu Oct 26, 2006, 4:53 PM
If I had no windscreen wipers?

I'm thinking about taking mine off...

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Mon Sep 25, 2006, 1:45 AM
Yea, I'm available for freelance work. More info @ my website,

Leave a note here or contact me at if you're interested.

Oh, I also just wanted to get the 'Bryce 5 for free' journal off my user page. Because once I had actually tried it, I realised how RETARDED the program is. It treats you like you're 5 years old.

:stab: > :D

^ Personal joke.…?

^ Score. Free 3d apps.
I'm suggesting a DD, so because it most likely wont get DD'd, thought I should promote it here.

O la Heineken by incrediblepoo

One of the best photoreal renders I've seen in a while. Check out the gallery too, amazing.
I'm putting my EK Civic model up for download.

Only catch, it's the front end only. My intention is that people learning to model cars can see how I do it, and hopefully learn something from it, or try to model the rest.

Get the download here:

Enjoy. :)
I'm just posting this to get that stupid Tagged stuff off my userpage. So either ignore it, spam it, or eat it. I dont care, but have fun. :D
Thanks Matt-Mills. :bonk:

1.Look at your right side. What did you see the most?
-- A room /workshop / studio full of 13 other guys and not a single female. Imagine the smell / mess / sight. Yum!

2.Look at left. So, what did you see this time?
-- A wall covered in printouts of my stuff.

3.In what mood you are now? Tell me about your feelings.
-- Intoxicated with RAGE.

4.What will you do after making this stupid test?
-- Hunt down Matt-Mills, this emote sums it up :bonk:

5.Describe you in 3 words. Only 3 words.
-- I eat manatees.

6.About what was your latest dream you remember?
-- You've gotta sleep to dream, I do neither.

7.What do you think about this test?
-- It reminds me of the stupid chain mail letters my hotmail account used to get spammed with. I've never done one before now.

8.Latest full cd you've listened?
-- Full cd... tricky... I dont do that often. Hmm, probably Tenacious D.

9.Latest full movie you've watched?
-- Just went and watched Over the Hedge. Cinema + 40,000 little kids = nightmare. Alright movie, nothing special.

10.Latest person, who makes you smile?
-- Anybody hurting themselves makes me smile.

11.Latest person, who makes you cry?
-- Ugly people naked. Why is there a commar in there ^? There shouldnt be. It's annoying me.

12.Describe your feelings like a color. What color it will be?
-- Red. Hungry and randy. Sounds like me.

13.Do you remember latest kiss? And who did you kissed?
-- It was a few minutes ago, and no I'm not sharing.

14.Do you love someone? [without family, parents etc.]
-- Yes.

15.Do you miss people that are so far away from you?
-- Internet seems to cancel any distances.

16.What's your biggest dream?
-- Since dreams are intangable I doubt you can measure the size of one. But if I had to guess, I'd say 30,000 cubic meters.

17.So this is the end. What do you want to say now?
-- I didnt read Matt-Millss one, so I dont blame you if you dont read mine. But if you did, I'll send you some good vibes.

18.Tag 6 buddies.
-- No. :XD: And whatcha gonna do about it? Huh? Make me!
Hey, I'm just curious what the writing in the background of… is. I got the image off google, so it could be anything.

Anybody know how to read japanese? I assume it's japanese since it's aparently a street in tokyo.

Hopefully it's something exciting like a porno shop, but I guess it's a food shop of some sort. Zzzz.

Anyone know?
Like I mentioned, I'd be giving away a free model when I got 100 watches. I'm alittle late I know, but I've been busy setting up my website to host all these downloads (yes, there will be more than one).

For the time being I've put up a wheel for download, it's the ROH strada mag as seen on my Hawk concept vehicle, and EK civic.

I'll be putting more on there as I update the site, It's still a fairly big WIP.

And the site:

Enjoy. :)
Finally today got my furniture project finished. I'm doing a three week long furniture paper at my uni, and have made three pretty large (800x400x400) bright red footstool things, that look like giant lego bricks. They've got big square cushions on the top, and cavities underneath, so that you can stack them up like lego and make your own seat.

I finished building them out of plywood today, and they're at an upholsterer right now waiting till tomorrow when they get covered with thin foam, then some fabric.

Sounds random? Ya, 'tis.

I'll upload a photo once I get 'em back from the upholsterer.
Got your interest didnt it. :P

When I get 100 people on my watch list, (at 84 now) to celebrate I plan to upload a model to deviant art, or somewhere else, for people to use for free.

I havnt decided what model it will be, but it could be anything from a mag wheel

to a low poly car

16 people to go!
Any photoshop artists out there want a collab?

What I'm proposing is for you to make a vinyl for any of my cars, I'll apply it and render it.

No idea what I mean?… Check that.

If you're interested, let me know what car you want to vinyl (Evo, Civic, Forester, 'Hawk') and I'll set up a side view as a template for you to draw all over in photoshop.

I'm also open to any other collab ideas.

Yea, I'm experimenting with full body vinyls for my cars right now, and need some fairly high quality camoflage textures since I'm faaaaar too lazy to make my own. :) Anybody know of a good place?

Also, anything you guys want to see on the side of my cars?